「見た目だけビーボーイなのは最低 でも中身だけビーボーイでも 誰にも気づいてもらえない 誰にも気付いてもらえやしない」



「ビーボーイでもガールでもどっちでもいいから とにかくビーなんとかになりたい」


First, let me notice that my two brothers and I are still dyed-in-the-wool B-boys with a cap (sometimes New Era) on a shaven head, oversized pants (even now I’m writing the article wearing Dickies,) and three pairs of Converse All Star (used to be Nike) at the entrance.

“BBB”  by a girls folk duo “SONOTANOTANPENZ” whose name sounds tender, is short for “B-Boy Ballad,” and it sounds fresh to hear a song of a pure longing for B-boys (?) in whispers.

“Guys who are only B-boy-looking suck. But no one notices guys who are only B-boy-minded. No one notices.”

It is like a presentation based on their knowledge and a study led by their summer vacation research project about B-boys. However their straight look on B-boys might grab gangster-looking guys’ hearts who were born in Tokyo and grew up with Hip Hop.

Strongly recommended . Of course, their other songs as well.

“Either B-boy or B-girl is fine. I want to be a B-something anyway.”